A user group is a set of users with similar rights and permissions. Groups of users with a certain permission set can be added/removed from any project with a single click. 

To create new user group select User groups tab in the Team settings menu/

Creating or managing groups involves adding users, managing permissions and adjusting access to different projects in your team.


Add users to the group using the Members tab. A user you are adding, could be an existing one from your team, or you can send an e-mail invite to a new user. 


Once you add a user group to a project, all group members get similar permissions in the project. You can define a group of admins with full or limited access, a group of reviewers, or it could be a group of translators for the particular language. Learn more about contributors and access levels here.  

In case a single user group the group has already been added to the project, both sets of permission will be applied.

Note, that users with admin rights have full read/write access to all project languages, however, can still have limited access to project features. Do not forget to hit the Save permissions button.


A user group can be added to the unlimited number of projects. You can remove a user group from a particular project.  

Users list at the Team page includes tags,  to their teams.

Contributors page in each project includes information about people and user groups involved in the project.

Changing the avatar of the user group

You can change the avatar the user group by clicking it and choosing onezof the options:

  • Upload image
  • Set language flag...
  • Select from gallery...

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