Use the project icon menu to quickly navigate to the project settings. 


Here is the brief description of all settings fields:

Project name –
name of your project.

Description – a short description for your contributors. 

Project ID – used with our API or CLI tool.

Public signup – turn on the Allow users with the link to join this project to allow the contributors to join this project without being invited. The number of joined users impacts your team plan seats.

The link opens a landing page of your project. The users are able to choose the language team they would like to join, or select all languages.

Base language – it is important to set the base language properly in order to use inline machine translations, translation memory etc.

Belongs to team – move project to any team you are the admin in. This will automatically add all the project users to the target team.

Glossary options – you may keep the glossary of a specfic project private, or share it with the other users. Also, you may use a glossary, which has been already shared in  another project of the team.  Learn more about glossary.


Allow key editing – turn on to enable modification of keys. Learn more...

Inline machine translations – enable or disable inline machine translations for all project users.

Project-only TM – turn on to limit the suggestions scope of translation memory only to this project. The translation memory of the team will still get populated with this project TM results.

Reviewing – turn on to enable the reviewer access for project contributors.

Translation up-voting – turn on to enable the users to vote for different variations of the translations. Until the translation is reviewed, a version with the highest amount of votes is applied.

Per-platform key names – turn on to use different key names for the different platforms.

Auto-toggle Unverified – if you update the base language translation, Lokalise can automatically toggle other language translations as Unverified.

YAML key separator – select a separator, used to flatten and unflatten the keys with the YAML import/export. You need to re-import the keys once this setting is updated.

Do not forget to hit Save change as you make adjustments. Also you are able to create a copy of the project. If it is required a project can be deleted. 


Use integrations to connect your project to other popular tools or your internal flows.  Learn more...

Language auto-fill

Often there are several language variations in the same project which have just small differences, e.g. English, English US, English UK. Add one or more auto-full rules to chain languages automatically. Learn more...


Take a snapshot of your project at any time manually or set up automated daily snapshots. Learn more...

Lokalise iOS SDK

Over-the-air localization SDK for iOS and MacOS. Lightweight and easy to integrate. Learn more...

Lokalise Android SDK

Over-the-air localization SDK for Android devices. No more unnecessary app updates. Read more...

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