Lokalise offers several translation providers, that can help translating your app or website to the most popular languages. Simply upload your source files into the project and use Orders menu to get an instant quote. Pay for the words translated starting from €0.07/word.

Let's get started

Click Orders menu to get an instant translation quote for any of your projects.

Translation providers

Choose one of the translation providers – Gengo, Language Inspired, Alconost, Google and DeepL.


At Gengo, our mission is to provide language services to everyone and connect a global community. Our network of over 18,000 translators are tested and qualified to meet stringent project standards. Translators are based around the world and in every timezone, which enables us to support over 35 languages and work towards the Gengo mission.  Visit website

Language Inspired

Language Inspired is an expert in mobile app, software, e-learning, website, multimedia and game localization, with offices in London and Riga. Translations in over 90 languages are available. We combine advanced technology with a network of verified in-country expert translators and localization engineers. Visit website


Alconost provides services for software and game localization as well as translation into 40+ languages. All translations are carried out by professional native speaker translators. We perform manual linguistic quality assurance in order to ensure the highest quality localization. For nearly a decade, more than 800 IT companies — developers of software, games, and online businesses — have enjoyed an excellent experience working with us. Visit website


Google Translate with neural machine translation support. NMT is not available for all language pairs yet. Visit website


DeepL Pro neural machine translation. Visit website


You can choose a project for translation from the drop-down menu. Gengo also offers you the possibility to upload Acrobat (.pdf), Excel (.xls, xlsx), Open Office (.odt), PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), Plain text (.txt), Word (.doc, .docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Source language

Choose the source language.

Target Languages

Add target languages the project has to be translated to. Hit Add all languages to add all the existing languages of the project. You may also add a new language by clicking on the language field. 

Include in order

Choose what has to be included in the order from the drop-down menu. The filtering options are Untranslated strings, Hidden from contributors, Only reviewed strings or Unverified strings.

Filter by tags

Only the keys with the specified tags will be included in the order.

Translation quality

There are thousands of translators from around the world (however we are working with 10-15 preferred translators per language pair). The most affordable provider is Gengo. It is more suitable for generic translations, like e-mail, blogs, articles etc. If you want the translators to dig deeper (e.g. download your app/visit web site, read through it and etc.) use either Language Inspired or Alconost. These companies offer dedicated professional translators only, they are reachable in the project chat and are using Lokalise UI to perform the translations.

Order summary

The order summary shows you how many keys and words the order contains, the price per word in the each language and the total price along with the estimated delivery time.

The mid-size project translations are usually delivered within 24 hours. Once the translation is done, you will receive a notification e-mail. In case a translator has a question or a comment, you will receive the e-mail as well.

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