Use glossary (your project term base) to maintain project translations consistent. 

Any project user can define terms for the project. Each term contains description, language definitions. If term is used in base language translation, it would automatically show up in the editor's inline suggestions box.

You can separate terms with a comma to define word forms, for example "account,accounts,accounted".

You can upload CSV file with glossary. The CSV file rules are:

  • Separated with ; (semicolon)
  • Contain header row
  • First column is "term"
  • Second column is "description"
  • Each next two columns header must be language ISO code as defined in your project (e.g. "ru"). First of each of two columns itself should contain term definition in respective language and the second column of the pair should contain term description in the language.

If there is a description specified in target language it would be shown in the inline dropdown instead of general description.

Example .csv file:


first,thefirst;This is a sample term;first sample;This is the description of glossary sample;Сэмпл;;Piemērs 1;Apraksts piemēram 1

second;Second sample term;second sample;;Сэмпл;Образец описания по-русски;Piemērs 2;Apraksts piemēram 2
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