We love Github, however there is a reason we do not provide direct integration with Github repositories. Lokalise is project-based translation platform, which means that we dynamically generate files as you request to do so, taking into account variety of export options including the file format itself. However, there is an easy workaround in case you want to keep files in sync between Github and Lokalise. 

Combine our command line tool to generate and export the bundle with the standard git command line client. Once Lokalise CLI tool generates and downloads the bundle, unzip it and push to git with a simple bash script. Same process applies in reverse – you pull the file from git and import to Lokalise using the command line tool.

lokalise --token <token> export <project id> --type json
unzip ./myapp.zip -d myproject/locale
cd myproject
git add .
git commit -c “Locale update”
git push
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