Dashboard hot keys:

Create a project in a current team — Shift+Ctrl+P
Create a translation order — Shift+Ctrl+O
Open the project chat — Ctrl+I
Proceed/Save — Ctrl+Enter
Add a language — Shift+Ctrl+L
Add a key — Ctrl+K
Files — Ctrl+J
Translation memory — Ctrl+G  

Strings/Key editor hot keys:

Display placeholders as blocks — Ctrl+P
Toggle auto complete — Ctrl+Shift+A
Mark as reviewed — Ctrl+E
Next  key/string — Tab
Previous key/string — Shift+Tab
Insert  source value — Alt+0
Inline machine translations — Alt+1, 2, 3, 4
Select missing placeholder — Alt+Left/Right
Inset a placeholder/tag to a string — Alt+Up
Close an opened HTML tag — Alt+Down

Note: Use the Command on a MAC instead of the Ctrl

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