Universal placeholders (format specifiers)

Updated 3 months ago ​by Nick Ustinov

Sometimes, when joining key platforms it is important that placeholders (format specifiers) are exported in different formats depending on platform. You can use internal Lokalise placeholders, that get exported accordingly to a table below. 

Lokalise placeholderExported to iOSExported to Android/Web/Other.resx (NET)
[%.2f] (any float format)%.2f%.2f{0:0.00}
[%1$s] (any placeholder counter)%1$@%1$s{0}
[%1$i] (any placeholder counter)%1$li%1$d{0}
[%1$.2f] (any placeholder counter / float format)%1$.2f%1$.2f {0:0.00}
[%key:key_name%]content of key_namecontent of key_namecontent of key_name
empty stringempty stringempty string

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