Uploading files

Updated a month ago ​by Nick Ustinov

Lokalise supports most popular iOS, Android and Web development string file formats. If you would like us to extend support of some specific format or add a completely new one, drop us a note.

Uploading your files to Lokalise is easy. Create new project and click "Upload files" icon. If for some reason the robot cannot determine source language (shame on Google Translate API), you can always turn off "Auto-detect language" and set the language manually.

Automatic translation (Google Translate/Yandex Translate)

Lokalise only offers inline Google/Yandex translation suggestions while editing. There is no automatic translaton option once you upload your translations, as unfortunately even the most advanced translation robots are not intelligent enough. Nevertheless, the inline translation feature is much more handy in most cases. Once the translator clicks the language entry to translate it, robot suggestions are shown up automatically leaving the translator a choice to use them or not.

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