The Editor

Updated 3 days ago ​by Nick Ustinov

Snappy and clean online translation editor. Supports team work, includes comments and project chat, placeholder/HTML highlighter and validator, spelling and grammar check, inline machine translations, key editor and much more.

Multilanguage view

This view is very useful to team leaders and contributors working with multiple languages simultaneously, as it offers a unique opportunity to preview and edit all language translations at once.

Single-language view

This view gives maximum space and lets you focus when working with a single language translations. Choose reference language and contribution language in the top bar.

Editing keys

Lokalise supports modification of keys. To change key name or properties, simply click the key name in editor. Please note, this option is only availble to project owners and can be globally turned off in project settings.

Mass string actions

There is a checkbox on the left side of each key. You can select multiple keys and perform a mass action with the selection. The blue floating bar with available mass actions pops up once you select at least one key.

Fuzzy translations

A "fuzzy" translation is a translation that you do not consider 100% correct, so you can mark it with the help of the "fuzzy" button found at the end of the translation row and come back to it later in your process. Contributors may filter only "fuzzy" strings to see which translations need reviewal. There is "Auto-toggle fuzzy" option in project settings, that would automatically mark other language translations as "fuzzy" in case base language translation has been updated.

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