Apple Strings (.strings)

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The standard strings file format consists of one or more key-value pairs along with optional comments. The key and value in a given pair are strings of text enclosed in double quotation marks, separated by an equal sign, and terminated by a semicolon. 

Sample data

/* Our app name */
"AppName" = "Lokalise";
/* User login dialog */
"EnterUsername" = "Enter your username";

Multiline support

We support two ways of handling multiline strings:

1. Escaping new lines using "\n".

"AppName" = "Lokalise\nis here";
"EnterUsername" = "Enter\nyour\nusername";

2. Using backslash (\) at end of each line.

"AppName" = "Lokalise\
is here";
"EnterUsername" = "Enter\

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